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December 14, 2020

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If you are interested in our previous blog posts, here is where you can find them.

There is one in particular you might want to read before you come to our shop.  I will post it here so that you don't need to read through our previous blog to find it.  It is from 2017, but still holds true today.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Clarifying Expectations

After responding on Google, to a very unhappy customer, we realized that we should clarify some expectations that might be contrary to what we can promise our customers.

Here is what we have come up with today:

During the look over of any vehicle in our shop, we identify repairs that are required and immediately need to be addressed.  We will also identify repairs that we can be certain, will need to be addressed in the near future, if the condition of any visible component show signs of nearing their useful life.


At some point in the useful life of any car, parts will break and need repair or replacement.  We will not recommend repair or replacement of parts that don’t show signs that indicate failure in the near future, unless we are refurbishing or restoring a vehicle, or we are asked to do so.


Non-returnable parts require payment at the time of ordering and are non-refundable.


Payment for our services and parts purchased is due at the time of delivery.


We do not have loaner cars, but do offer on-site Hertz rental cars at discounted rates. 


In the case of a blizzard, we don’t ask our employees to put themselves in danger to come in and as a result, our production may be delayed.  We will also understand if our customers choose to reschedule.


We are not open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  We will return phone messages and emails during our regular business hours.


Often times, we work outside of our business hours to accommodate the needs of our customers.


We strive to communicate our standards and policies using the highest level of transparency that we possibly can.


We make ourselves available to address each and every customer concern, inquiry, and /or comments through clear, honest, candid and well-informed conversation.


We value customer feedback and recognize our customers as our greatest teachers.


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